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The After The Trial blog presents insights on ongoing and recent trials around the state of Alabama, including weekly criminal law round-ups.

Alabama Criminal Law Round-Up December 15th

J.D. Lloyd - Friday, December 15, 2017



Here are a few of the criminal law stories that have recently occurred around the state of Alabama:



- Decatur police seized an airplane and 38 pounds of marijuana when they arrested a 56-year-old California man at the Pryor Field Regional Airport last Friday, December 8th. Police had received a tip from federal authorities that the suspect, Yevgeny Faktorovich of Sausalito, California, would be landing his 1967 Beech Craft V35A around 3:45. The local officers came to inspect his pilot license and brought in a K-9 to detect any marijuana. Fakatorovich acted nervous when the officers started searching the plane and they eventually found a large garbage bag, suitcase, and a black plastic storage bin full of marijuana. Faktrovich was released Saturday, December 9th from the Limestone County Jail after posting $100,000 bail.


- A 21-year-old man was shot to death this past Sunday inside of an apartment of Valley Avenue in Birmingham. The victim, Terrell Thomas Guy Jr of Adamsville, had been a star basketball at Mountain Brook High School in 2015 where he scored the winning shot that sent the school to the 7A state championship that year. Authorities are trying to look at multiple variables and scenarios such as an argument that stemmed from a disagreement over a gambling debt or dice game. They are still looking for information or suspects connected with Guy's death. Guy's death marked Birmingham's 102nd homicide of 2017.
  -  A 29-year-old Athens woman was arrested for breaking and entering into two vehicles of employees in the parking lot of the Limestone County Jail. In the first vehicle, an officer was sitting in the driver's seat eating a biscuit when Natasha Dawn Mencia opened the door and got in the passenger seat. He asked her what she was doing and Mencia exited the vehicle. The officer followed Mencia to another employee's personal vehicle where she broke in and entered. However, she took no items from the vehicle and eventually asked the officer following her to take her to jail. Mencia is charged with breaking and entering a vehicle, a Class C felony that's punishable by up to 10 years in prison. She was released Saturday, December 9th on a $2,500 bail. 



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Alabama Criminal Law December 6th

J.D. Lloyd - Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Here are a few of the criminal law stories that have recently occurred around the state of Alabama:



- Last Thursday, Trussville police arrested a 61-year-old Birmingham man attempting to impersonate an officer. Willie Lee Toney was driving a vehicle with law enforcement marking - and equipped with blue and red flashing - when an officer stopped him in the parking lot of the First Commercial Bank on South Chalkville Road. Police noted that the vehicle was registered to "someone who was wanted by the U.S. Marshals for having outstanding arrest warrants." Toney told the officers he was law enforcement and was armed. He walked towards the officers while reaching towards his waistband and a struggle between the parties ensued, eventually leading to Toney's arrest. Two Trussville officers received minor injuries in the struggle. The gun was a .45 caliber with most of the serial filed off, and Toney had several replicas of law enforcement badges in his car and on his person. Toney is being held on bonds totaling $33,300 and has charges of impersonating a police officer, possession of a pistol by a violent felon, possessing a firearm with an altered identification and resisting arrest.


- Around 3 a.m. this past Monday, a man and two women were arrested outside of Kilby Correctional Facility in Montgomery County. Christopher Martin Wilson (a 28-year-old recently released convict), 21-year-old Shiane Bambinelli and 21-year-old Kelsey Smith have been accused of trying to smuggle drugs into the prison. Officers spotted Wilson right outside the prison perimeter and dispatched a tracking dog with Wilson eventually surrendering. Officers then went after a suspicious vehicle leaving the property. After a Montgomery officer pulled over the vehicle, Wilson and Bambinelli - both carrying methamphetamines - were taken into custody. Smith was eventually taken into custody as well. Smith faces charges of conspiracy to commit a controlled substance crime. Wilson and Bambinelli are both charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance and conspiracy to commit a controlled substance crime while Wilson also has a charge of promoting contraband. He was released from the DOC two months ago after serving a five-year sentence for unlawful distribution of a controlled substance in Fayette County. 


- A 43-year-old Albertville woman who showed up at Boaz Municipal Court last Thursday was arrested and taken to jail in the same building for suspected drug activity soon after the court was adjourned. Police were given a tip regarding the woman's vehicle and deployed a K-9 to do an open-air sniff. Boaz police said they found meth, marijuana, anxiety medicine and syringes in Christi Dewanna Peppers' car. Police were not sure of Peppers' circumstances or reasons for being in court that day, but according to Deputy Chief Josh Gaskin, she was "known in the narcotics world." Peppers is held in the Boaz City Jail on charges of distributing meth, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and illegal possession of prescription drugs.

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Alabama Criminal Law Round-Up November 27th

J.D. Lloyd - Monday, November 27, 2017



Here are a few of the criminal law stories that have recently occurred around the state of Alabama:




- The day after Thanksgiving saw a predawn fight and shooting at an Enterprise Waffle House. According to authorities, the victim and suspect started a verbal and physical altercation around 4:30 a.m. in the restaurant before leaving and continuing the fight in the parking lot. The suspect pulled out a handgun and fired a single shot that hit in the victim in the leg; the victim was then airlifted to a nearby hospital. Joshua Clayton Ward is being held in the Coffee County Jail on charges of first-degree assault.



- A 24-year-old convicted felon led Mountain Brook police on a chase Wednesday afternoon with the suspect eventually losing control, striking a power pole, crossing five lanes of traffic and crashing the stolen vehicle on Montclair Road. The suspect, Eric Devaughn McAlpine, tried to escape on foot before being picked up by authorities; he refused medical treatment for his injuries from the crash. McAlpine was charged with first-degree receiving stolen property, certain persons forbidden to possess a pistol, unlawful possession of a controlled substance and attempting to elude. McAlpine had been previously convicted for a 2013 felony robbery charge, receiving a ten-year sentence and serving three years. He also has multiple drug, theft of property and unlawful possession of controlled substance charges. He is in Jefferson County Jail with bond set at $22,800.



- On November 19th, a 27-year-old Coosa County Jail inmate escaped for the second time in less than a month, tied up an elderly couple in their Coosa County home and stole their vehicle. After the suspect, Shane Anthony Vernon, obtained the vehicle, he drove to Elmore County on Monday, broke into the home of a 60-year-old man, abducted him and drove him as far as Douglasville, Georgia before letting him out of the vehicle at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, November 21st. The victim went to a local gas station for help. Vernon is now charged with unlawful imprisonment, first-degree robbery, theft of a motor vehicle and second-degree escape along with his original burglary and theft charges. He was recaptured on Wednesday, November 22nd.


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Alabama Criminal Law Round-Up November 17th

J.D. Lloyd - Friday, November 17, 2017


Here are a few of the criminal law stories that have recently occurred around the state of Alabama:



- The 2017 Iron Bowl is eight days away, and some literal shots have already been shot over this well-documented rivalry between Auburn University and the University of Alabama. This past Monday, Mobile police responded to a call about a shooting at a local hotel. The unnamed victim - an Auburn fan - told authorities that 28-year-old Alabama fan, Rodney Alexander, pulled out a firearm when the victim said Auburn was better than Alabama. Police have charged Alexander with second-degree assault.

 - A few days earlier in Mobile, a camera at Greer's CashSaver grocery store captured a burglar in "ninja attire" making off with prescription drugs, Jack Daniel's whiskey, wine and cigarettes. The video shows him climbing down from the ceiling, jumping over a counter and scurrying through the store, eventually running out of the frame. He returns to the view of the camera a few minutes later and escapes through the ceiling. Mobile County Sheriff's Office authorities took the video to Facebook, adding the "Mission Impossible" theme song and remarking that "everyone knows a "true ninja" would not complete his entire ninja outfit with a blue beanie."

 - An Athens man is accused of impersonating a sheriff and stealing $9,000 from a 74-year-old, Limestone County resident. The suspect, 39-year-old Jerry DeWayne Long, called the victim and pretended to be Sheriff Mike Blakely and allegedly told the victim to deliver $220 in cash to a nearby residence (which turned out to be Long's house) and to leave the money in a grill. Long told the victim the money was needed for a drug sting and that they would receive the money back. With help from one of Long's associate, detectives found him at Athens Pharmacy preparing to purchase narcotics with the money. Authorities also discovered that Long had already fraudulently obtained $9,000 from the victim previously and had been using the funds to buy drugs. Long has been charged with financial exploitation of the elderly and impersonating an officer of the peace. He is in the Limestone County Jail on a $7,000 bond and could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted. 


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Alabama Criminal Law Round-Up November 6th

J.D. Lloyd - Monday, November 06, 2017

Here are a few of the criminal law stories that have recently occurred around the state of Alabama:



- According to the Mobile County Sheriff's Office, three teens have been arrested after six Alma-Bryant High School students were hospitalized this past Thursday. After responding to calls from the school that some students were behaving strangely (mood swings that made the teens both "loopy and lethargic"), narcotics officers conducted field tests and discovered that several of the students had ingested gummy bears laced with methamphetamine. These students also registered increased heart rates of 130-160 beats per minute. The three unidentified juvenile suspects face charges of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance and three other juveniles are being investigated in connection with the incident. The six hospitalized students are expected to make a full recovery. 


- Birmingham police are on the lookout for local woman Faith Jones who faces first-degree theft of property charges for allegedly embezzling thousands of dollars from a church daycare. In less than a year, Jones had deposited more than $21,000 of payments from the State of Alabama Childcare Resources meant for the daycare into her personal account. Because of the actions of Jones (who is the director of the daycare), the facility has been forced to close down. 



- A 41-year-old Birmingham man was identified on Thursday as the third Birmingham homicide victim in less than eight hours. The three victims (Jeffery Tubbs, 51-year-old Grady Isam Jenkins and 54-year-old Sylvester Poole) were all found dead of gunshot wounds. According to authorities, several of these shootings including Tubbs seem to have nebulous motives at the time, though Birmingham police are currently investigating each incident to determine clear motives.



If you or someone you know has been convicted of wrongful criminal charges, there is hope after the trial. Contact us today by clicking HERE.



Alabama Criminal Law Round-Up October 30th

J.D. Lloyd - Monday, October 30, 2017



Here are a few of the criminal law stories that have recently occurred around the state of Alabama:



- Auburn authorities recently arrested a Macon, Georgia woman for allegedly stealing multiple controlled substances from her place of employment, the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. Police started an investigation in early October after receiving reports from veterinary college regarding the substances being stolen over a period of several weeks. The suspected offender, 26-year-old Carolina Clarke Schroeder, worked as an anesthetist at the institution. After a warrant was obtained for her arrest, Schroeder surrendered to authorities at the police station. She was placed in the Lee County Detention Center on a $30,000 bond and faces 20 counts of possession of a controlled substance. 



- An incident at the Prime Ultra Club in Selma resulted in a homicide, assault and two men in custody. The "ambushed-style homicide" occurred when the two suspects, 30-year-old Juantanio Oetis Cosby and 29-year-old Kenneth Ingram, exited the nightclub following an altercation, hid in a secluded area by the club and opened fire into the crowd walking out of the club and a crowd surrounding the club. Police were called to the scene around 1:50 a.m. Two victims had been shot with 20-year-old Shykereya Legget sustaining a shot to the head and 30-year-old Eddie Williams sustaining a shot in the leg. After both were transported to Vaughn Regional Medical Center, Legget was pronounced dead at the facility. Authorities arrested Cosby during a surveillance detail by narcotics agents a few days later, and Ingram surrendered to police the next evening. Both men were charged with first-degree assault and murder.


- Hoover police arrested a 27-year-old foster mom on Friday for charges of aggravated child abuse. A 5-week-old girl in Alessandra Terin Bishop's care was taken to Children's of Alabama for an arm injury on October 16th. Hoover's Special Victim's Unit conducted a 12-day probe into the child's condition and discovered that she had suffered 11 bone fractures, including breaks in both arms and both legs. After obtaining a felony warrant the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office in the Bessemer Cutoff on October 27th, Hoover police arrested Bishop at her Vestavia Hills home. She will be transferred to Jefferson County Jail with bond set at $30,000.



If you or someone you know has been convicted of wrongful criminal charges, there is hope after the trial. Contact us today by clicking HERE.



Alabama Criminal Law Round-Up October 20th

J.D. Lloyd - Friday, October 20, 2017


Here are a few of the criminal law stories that have recently occurred around the state of Alabama:



- A Mobile County hit-and-run on Highway 43 involving a car and a motorcycle led to the arrest of suspect Charles Smith. After the crash, Smith fled the scene with his car pushing the motorcycle with him for two miles. Smith was booked into the Mobile County Jail on a Class C felony charge of leaving the scene. If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison. The motorcyclist, Ashley Sanderson, was treated USA Medical Center.



- Two Birmingham men and one Jasper man are in the Jefferson County Jail after allegedly "borrowing" two trucks from a local business. Police were alerted to the theft after the GPS had been activated on one of the vehicles. The business was closed at the time of the theft and no worker had permission to use the trucks after hours. The caller informed authorities of the GPS location and officers eventually found one truck by a pond near Coalburg Road. Though two men tried to flee, officers arrested all three suspects, who said they "borrowed" the trucks to help get theirs out of the mud and planned to return the vehicles to the business. The police did not believe the men, charging Ronnie Dale Pruitt, Michael Lewis and Roy Pollock with two counts of first-degree theft of property each.




- A campsite argument during last weekend's Talladega Superspeedway race led to one man being shot and the other questioned by police. The wounded man had gotten the suspect into a headlock. The man responded by allegedly pulling out a small handgun and shooting the victim in the abdomen. The wounded man was treated at UAB Hospital and the other was questioned by police, who are still trying to determine the reason for the fight.

If you or someone you know has been convicted of wrongful criminal charges, there is hope after the trial. Contact us today by clicking HERE.




Alabama Criminal Law Round-Up October 13th

J.D. Lloyd - Friday, October 13, 2017


Here are a few of the criminal law stories that have recently occurred around the state of Alabama:



- Three of the men charged with the August shooting death of a two-year-old child at an Avondale (Birmingham) gas station have been denied youthful offender status. Four suspects (Tyrone Smith Jr., 18, D'Marcco Harris, 21, Mykayl Harris, 20, and Joshua Carpenter, 21) all face capital murder charges for shooting two-year-old Ron'Narius "Duke" Austin in the head while he was in the car with his parents and Donta Terrell. Terrell and Duke's mother, Toshima "Shay" Rembert, sustained injuries from the incident. Three counts of capital murder (one for Duke, one for shooting from a vehicle and one for Duke's death in a vehicle) as well as two counts of attempted murder for Terrell and Rembert have been charged to cousins D'Marcco and Mykayl Harris and two counts of attempted murder and two counts of capital murder have been charged to Smith and Carpenter. The Harris cousins and Smith were denied youthful offender status. 



- A Jefferson County grand jury recently issued eight-count indictments for a security fraud scheme against 65-year-old Steven Clyde Reed Brown of Vestavia Hills and 76-year-old Edward Malcolm Portman of Atlanta. The two men are charged with "multiple violations of the Alabama Securities Act including one count each of conspiracy to commit securities fraud, sale of unregistered securities and sale of securities by an unregistered agent" as well as five counts of fraud in connection with the sale of securities. All charges are either Class C or Class B felonies. Brown and Portman were arrested within a week of each other in late September and were both released from Jefferson County Jail after each posted $195,000.


- This past Tuesday, Mobile police arrested a 39-year-old father for entering the campus of Scarborough Middle School and allegedly making threats against a student who had been teasing his daughter. Gabriel Lawson allegedly opened several classroom doors threatening to choke the student that he was looking for. The school went into lockdown, and the man was eventually arrested and taken to jail for 24 hours. Lawson was charged with third-degree criminal trespassing and making criminal threats. 


If you or someone you know has been convicted of wrongful criminal charges, there is hope after the trial. Contact us today by clicking HERE.

Alabama Criminal Law Round-Up October 6th

J.D. Lloyd - Friday, October 06, 2017


Here are a few of the criminal law stories that have recently occurred around the state of Alabama:



- After making online threats not long after the Las Vegas shootings on Monday, a Bay Minette man is currently behind bars and awaiting a judicial hearing. According to the Bay Minette Police Department and Baldwin County Sheriff's Office, officers received numerous threats from the Facebook account of 23-year-old Joel Logan Gilliam. Gilliam referenced the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas and allegedly made several violent against the city of Bay Minette in his posts. After obtaining a warrant for terroristic threats (a Class C Felony), officers entered Gilliam's house and arrested the suspect. Gilliam was unarmed and later told police that the posts were simply a joke to provoke a reaction from the public. He is being held at the Baldwin County Sheriff's Correction Center without bond.

- Four teens between ages of 13 and 15 allegedly broke into Rudd Middle School earlier this week. While auditing the school bus cameras, the staff noticed that three of the buses had been started and driven around the lot by the four suspects on Monday night. The suspects were identified as being students at Rudd and Pinson Valley High School. The students allegedly also broke windows, discharged fire extinguishers and entered the building and stole tablets, mobile phones and a laptop. The stolen items were returned after the suspects' parents were contacted, but police have obtained juvenile petitions formally charging the teens with second-degree burglary, unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle, first-degree theft of property, third-degree criminal mischief and unauthorized use of a vehicle.


- Close to a year later, a Jefferson County jury has indicted Savannah Lynn Hopkins, then 19, on attempted murder charges after she allegedly shot and wounded then-23-year-old bartender Zakk Earle at the Upside Plaza in October 2016. The incident occurred when Earle confronted Hopkins' boyfriend, Sebastian Godby, and told him Hopkins was not old enough to drink at the Plaza. Godby allegedly handed Hopkins a gun and jumped Earle. While the two were on the ground, Earle said he was holding down Godby and yelling for someone to call 911 when Hopkins shot Earle. The couple fled the scene and were later arrested by police after they crashed their vehicle and attempted a brief foot chase. Earle suffered damage to his liver and abdomen, but recovered. Hopkins was released on a $30,000 bond and Godby was charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance and drug possession with intent to distribute. Hopkins' recent indictment stated that the suspect "intended to commit the crime of murder by shooting Earle with a pistol" with a trial date yet to be set. 

If you or someone you know has been convicted of wrongful criminal charges, there is hope after the trial. Contact us today by clicking HERE.


Alabama Criminal Law Round-Up September 29th

J.D. Lloyd - Friday, September 29, 2017



Here are a few of the criminal law stories that have recently occurred around the state of Alabama:



- A road rage incident in Pelham on Monday led to two suspects taken into custody. The genesis of the incident allegedly began around 12:30 a.m. after "some kind of exchange" on I-65. The victim left the interstate via the tank farm exit as the car containing the two suspects followed. The passenger of the pursuing vehicle, 22-year-old Chuncey Earl Wilson - stood through the sunroof and fired two shots at the car of the victim with one bullet ricocheting off the ground and into the car and the other hitting the bumper. The suspects fled the scene, but were caught by authorities after the victim provided a description to police. The search of the vehicle yielded 47 Ecstasy tablets and the handgun. Wilson is in Shelby County Jail with bonds totaling $61,000 for charges of discharging a weapon into an occupied vehicle, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and possession of marijuana. The driver, 22-year-old Marybeth Flack, is in custody with bonds of $32,000 and faces charges of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana and receiving stolen property.


- A shooting in a Tuscaloosa apartment complex parking lot Tuesday night ended with two 22-year-old males being injured, one shot in the hip and the other in the leg. Police recently released footage of the incident which revealed 30 people in the lot watching an altercation between two individuals. Soon shots began firing and multiple called the authorities. When police arrived, shots were still being fired. As the crowd fled, police found more than 20 bullet casings on the ground. No arrests have been announced, but Capt. Kip Hart with Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit hopes the video will make people aware of the community and police officers face every day.


- Police believe that a weekend crash in Clanton that killed 22-year-old Brett Allen Singelton may have been intentional. Singleton was driven to the hospital after rescue workers and Clanton officers arrived at the scene, but he died soon after arrival. He had been ejected from the vehicle during the crash. After the driver of the other vehicle, 29-year-old Justin Osmond Bolton, was treated for minor injuries and taken into custody by police for questioning. After discovering that Bolton may have allegedly caused the wreck after an argument with Singleton, police upgraded his charges from manslaughter to murder. 


If you or someone you know has been convicted of wrongful criminal charges, there is hope after the trial. Contact us today by clicking HERE.





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